The Matrix – on DVD!

I’ve watched the matrix about half a dozen times and every time I thought “Wow that is just the coolest thing ever!” seeing a guy in a black trench coat running along a wall with two Uzis and a woman in a black shirt running along another wall ready to kick a man in the face in slow-mo, and a tone of cool scenes like that.

Carrie Anne MossKeanu reeves as Neo, Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus, Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity, Joe Pantoliano as Cipher, and my favourite character Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith. It’s the first of the three films and could not have gone better.

It starts with Neo being told by his computer to follow a “white rabbit” which leads him briefly to trinity. The next day he goes to work where he is chased by some agents and he is eventually caught. With the agents he enters a world of horror and his mouth seals itself shut and a small robot climbs into his belly button – he then wakes up back to normal, or so he thinks.

He then is phoned and meets Morpheus’ team under a bridge in a car where they suck the robot out of his bellybutton. Afterwards they drive to a large tattered building where he meets Morpheus who offers to let him know the truth about the matrix and be freed, he then has to face that he has to save the planet from the robot’s rule.

This film is full of action and strange ideas. The CGI was futuristic for its time, the sets I have to say sometimes looked like cardboard and polystyrene but overall they were good, they chose perfect music for the situations including Rage Against The Machine for the credits!

Some of the acting wasn’t the best, like the point when Trinity is kicking ass with a shotgun she seems like it’s too heavy for her to hold. However the quick punch lines like “dodge this” will last forever in media history.

The story itself is based around the Matrix which is a computer simulation made by robots with AI that is our world, they grow humans plugging them into the Matrix and use their bio-electricity to power themselves. This means that the world isn’t real and they can bend the system’s rules such as gravity, Letting them fly, jump further and run on walls!

The full cast is: Keanu reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, Joe Pantoliano, Julian Arahanga, Anthony Ray Parker, Marcus Chong, Matt Doran, Gloria Foster, Belinda McClory, Paul Goddard, Robert Taylor.

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