Sleeping with the Enemy film review

Julia Roberts as Laura BurneyOne of my all time favourite films was recently screened on E4; Sleeping with the Enemy starring Julia Roberts, Patrick Bergen and Kevin Anderson. As a fan of Julia Roberts this one probably one of the first films I saw her in (other than the obvious Pretty Woman) and despite its sometimes flawed plotlines I can’t help but find myself still enjoying it just as much as ever.

The storyline revolves around Julia Roberts character Laura Burney and her abusive husband Martin (Patrick Bergin). Laura struggles to live with the demands of her violent and obsessive husband who to the outside world seems like the perfect catch. Laura finds herself living life in a constant state of fear, and is waiting for the perfect opportunity to escape the evil clutches of her husband.

When she finally gets her chance to break away, she fakes her own death and flees the town going undercover with a new name and soon finds a completely new way of life.

She begins to make friends and becomes close to drama teacher Ben, the complete opposite of her ex husband he’s everything she has ever wanted but when Martin later learns that he wife is not dead he begins to start a search for her that will not end until he finally gets her back home with him where he believes she belongs.

The film has some great “feel good” moments such as the “Brown Eyed Girl” scene which livens things up midway through but also deals with some much darker issues surrounding abusive relationships and domestic violence.

Patrick Bergin plays the menacing Martin very well, actually making you believe at times that he is the monster that his character represents. Julia Roberts also does a fantastic job of playing Laura, who changes from someone too scared to be herself into a confident and happy young woman as the film takes its journey.

If you are a fan of Julia Roberts, chances are that you will probably have already seen this film, but if you haven’t managed to catch it yet it may be a little dated now but is definitely still worth a watch if you have a spare hour or two on your hands!

Full cast list for Sleeping with the Enemy: Bonnie Johnson, Claudette Nevins, Elizabeth Lawrence, Graham Harrington, Harley Venton, John Lindley, John Ward, Julia Roberts, Kevin Anderson, Kyle Secor, Marita Geraghty, Nancy Fish, Patrick Bergin, Patt Noday, Ron Reedy, Sandi Shackelford, Sharon J. Robinson, Tony Abatemarco.

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