Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights

It would be difficult to review this programme while maintaining a family-friendly review website.

It is laugh out loud all the way from start to finish, aside that is, from numerous times when you are asking “did he really just say/do that?”

I was watching the second episode while playing Flight Control on my iPhone. Well, at least, that’s what I thought I would be doing, but unfortunately the game involves maintaining your concentration for several minutes, landing aircraft and helicopters, and just a minute in to my first game, I looked up and saw the Time Travelling Professor’s time machine that is powered by… you’ll have to see it yourself to see what the time machine was powered by, but rest assured, the sight was entirely sufficient to distract me and cause all my aircraft to fall out of the sky.

I don’t know how much George Michael, Susan Boyle, Michael Barrymore, the Pope, and the church in general mind Frankie Boyle’s merciless comedic attacks on them. It is hard to imagine any regular church-goes seeing the scene with the crucifixion and not be at least mildly disquieted.

Strictly Come Dancing 2010

Ann WiddecombeI’ve always been a fan of these kind of programmes. Strictly, X Factor, Dancing on Ice etc, but this year something strange has happened and I seem to be finding them all dull and boring. Is it just me, or are these shows getting worse?

Ann Widdecombe Photo courtesy of BBC

This year on Strictly Come Dancing 2010 we have the usual line up of sport stars, actors, actresses, musicians (and a magician) including:

  • Jimi Mistry
  • Kara Tointon
  • Scott Maslen
  • Patsy Kensit
  • Ann Widdecombe
  • Felicity Kendal
  • Gavin Henson
  • Paul Daniels
  • Pamela Stephenson
  • Peter Shilton
  • Tina O’Brian
  • Goldie
  • Michelle Williams
  • Matt Baker

Whilst this is actually a surprisingly ‘OK’ line-up for Strictly it doesn’t really deliver when you watch the show. The judges comments have become predictable, and quite what Alisha Dixon is even doing on the show I’m just not sure! Bring back Arlene I say, at least she gave constructive advice and knew what she was talking about!

The whole show seems to be made worse by the fact that instead of playing the original track when the couple is dancing, we have a badly voiced band shouting their way through the songs. I find myself spending more time listening to how out of tune they are than I do watching the dancing that is actually taking place on screen. Maybe it’s just me being picky but I do wish that the producers would just shell out a few extra bucks and pay up for the use of the original music.

There have been the usual rumoured relationships going on between contestants and the professional dancers; no I’m not talking about Anne Widdecombe and her partner, I’m of course referring to Kara Tointon (she used to play Dawn in Eastenders) and her blatant attraction to her dance partner. Is it real, or all for the cameras and viewers votes? I’m not sure!

With the final approaching, it really is anyone’s guess as to who will win this year and I certainly can’t call it. Can you?

Gossip Girl on ITV 2

Gossip Girl is the new American TV show for teenagers to hit the UK. It is currently being shown on ITV 2 and revolves around the lives of a group of friends living and attending school in New York’s prestigious Upper East Side.

When Serena Van Der Woodsen returns on the scene once again in New York after disappearing in a rush, the gossip mongers are foaming at the bit to find out all the juicy gossip on why she left and what she plans to do now she’s back! The resident gossip columnist known only as Gossip Girl (Voiced by Kirsten Bell) is always one step ahead of the latest information and regularly posts snippets of information on her online blog.

Dan Humphrey (Played by Penn Badgley) has been admiring Serena from afar and can’t believe his luck when he finally manages to get her attention, could this be the start of a new romance on the Upper East Side? Gossip Girl certainly thinks so!

However, certain people aren’t so pleased to see Serena back in town; this includes her one time best friend Blair Waldorf, the Queen Bee of the school whose super rich parents make sure she is always the height of fashion and centre of attention. Enraged to learn about her boyfriend Nate Archibald’s involvement with Serena can these two ever make things right between them again?

This show is one of the hottest things on TV right now, the characters themselves are all gorgeous, the fashion and technology are constantly changing and surprising us with new clothes, accessories and gadgets and the mix of humour, fun and drama really seems to have worked its charm.

My favourite characters have to be Serena who is played brilliantly by the beautiful Blake Lively, and although it’s hard to believe her age in this (She’s clearly older than the character she’s portraying) she has a certain something about her that makes her instantly likeable as a lead character. I also find Chuck Bass (Played by Ed Westwick) growing on me with every episode, he’s the resident ‘bad boy’ and your classic spoiled rich kid, but could he be changing his ways? We’ll have to wait and see.

If you enjoy teen drama’s or soaps then Gossip Girl will definitely appeal to you. You can catch it on ITV 2 and where US gossip blogger Perez Hilton has bagged himself his own column talking about the show.

Definitely one to keep your eye on, it’s going to be huge!

Complete cast list for Gossip Girl: Anne Torsiglieri, Ed Westwick, William Abadie, Joanna Garcia, Lydia Jordan, Dreama Walker, Steve Antonucci, Sarah Marable, Cathy Trien, Caitlin Colford, John Roney, Milton A. Marsh III, Chace Crawford, Steven Weisz, Leighton Meester, Michelle Trachtenberg, Margaret Colin, Stevie Ray Dallimore, Erich Bergen, Alana Cadiz, Chris Riggi, Alexandra Carl, Bill Walters, Mary DeBellis, Aaron Schwartz, Kevin Stapleton, Nicole Salisbury, Kate Gorney, Chuck Cooper, Adriene Couvillion, Ashley Klein, Simon Miller, Clémence Poésy, Michaela Annette, Megan Guinan, Whitney Vance, Jessalyn Wanlim, Hugo Becker, Marmee Cosico, Rachel Oyama, Yin Chang, Stephen Kyle, Aaron Tveit, Danicah Waldo, Blake Lively, Carrie Yaeger, Aija Terauda, David Call, Taylor Momsen, Joelle ten Damme, Bree Williamson, Stella Maeve, Laura Breckenridge, John Bolton, John Shea, Benita Robledo, Amanda Setton, Jessica Verdi, Jeremy Frutkin, Laura Harring, John Mitchell, Jesse Swenson, Robert Stoeckle, Hilary Duff, Purva Bedi, Eric Engleman, Darly Wanatick, Sarah Steele, Desmond Harrington, Johnny Webster, Matthew Settle, Matt Doyle, Alice Callahan, Michelle Hurd, Gonzalo Escudero, Kathryn Jinx, Juan Pablo Veizaga, Kate French, Chanel Farrell, Natalie Gal, Andrew Stewart-Jones, Ellie Pettit, Samantha Maldonado, Jan Maxwell, Anna Kuchma, Heather Silvio, Emma Demar, George Aloi, Giselle Bowyer, Shaun Earl, Lindsey Evans, Joe Hickey, James Naughton, Wallace Shawn, Dan Marshall, Jill Flint, Finise Avery, Nan Zhang, Sebastian Stan, Jessica Andres, Francie Swift, William Baldwin, Connor Paolo, Kristen Bell, John Patrick Amedori, James Schram, Tamara Feldman, Ben Yannette, Liza Binkley, Katie Cassidy, Thomas Schall, Valentina de Angelis, Jessica Szohr, Sonya Harum, Linda Emond, Ben Rauch, Kelly Rutherford, Melissa Rocco, Reed Birney, Scott Friend, Caroline Lagerfelt, Zuzanna Szadkowski, Chase Coleman, Robert John Burke, Dennis Larkin, Armie Hammer, David Patrick Kelly, Estelle Bajou, Willa Holland, Andrew M. Rose, Susan Misner, Penn Badgley, Luke Kleintank, Alyson Rogers, Sherri Saum, Evans Forlidas, Tinsley Mortimer, Meg McCrossen, Kevin Zegers, Robert Sella, Sara DeRosa, Mädchen Amick, Taylor Gildersleeve, Melissa Fumero, Ron Maestri, Libby Bradley, Sam Robards, Nicole Fiscella, Brittany Angley, Gina Torres, Jeremy Chu, Holley Fain, Deanna Russo, Patrick Heusinger, Bess Rous, Tasha Courtney.

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Changes Ahead for Eastenders (Spoilers)

We’ve had a dramatic time of it in Eastenders recently!

We saw Max almost get buried alive by his long suffering wife Tanya who after having a shock change of heart went running back to her husband’s aid dragging him out of the shallow grave she had attempted to leave him to die in.

After an emotional heart to heart Max finally shows some sign of remorse and agrees to leave the square so that Tanya can get her head together and take care of her kids.

One thing she doesn’t count on however is just how persistent Shaun will be in order to keep the woman he has fallen head over heels for. Does Tanya know what she’s getting herself into by shunning psycho Shaun’s advances? Only time will tell.

There seems to be more changes ahead in Albert Square over the next few weeks!

We saw Pat and Peggy away on a girl’s day out only to be interrupted by two very familiar faces in the form of Ricky and Diane Butcher. The two of them immediately realised that something must be wrong with Frank. They were proven to be correct in their suspicions when as the week’s episodes progressed we learned that Frank had died. This prompts the return of some very familiar faces.

Returning back to the square for the funeral is the conniving character Janine, and when it’s soon proved to be possible that she may have her own ulterior motives for being there Peggy is determined to expose her. Along with Ricky and Diane we also see Bianca make a shock return to the square with her 4 kids in tow! Dubbed as the Jackson 5 the family are sure to create havoc once again in the square and I wonder how long it will take before Ricky and Bianca get back together?

Their fiery relationship was once the talk of the town, and surely the writers will be planning some big storylines to see the two of them reunite. I don’t think it will be plain sailing though as Ricky seems to have grown a bit more of a backbone this time round and maybe less likely to be at Bianca’s beck and call.

Keep tuned into Eastenders all week, the action kicks off tonight (Tuesday April 1st) and we will see plenty of familiar faces make their temporary and not so temporary returns to the show!

Recent cast list for Eastenders: Aaron Sidwell, Adam Woodyatt, Alan Mckenna, Alan Perrin, Alex Avery, Alex Francis, Amanda Drew, Amanda Ryan, Amy Noble, Andi Osho, Andrew Frame, Andy Greenhalgh, Angela Wynter, Anna Karen, Annabel Scholey, Anthony Mark Barrow, Ash Varrez, Ashley Horne, Avin Shah, Babita Pohoomull, Barbara Windsor, Bart Ruspoli, Belinda Owusu, Ben Smith, Betty, Bobby Davro, Brett Fancy, Catherine Bailey, Celia Robertson, Cerrie Burnell, Charlie Brooks, Charlie Clements, Charlie G. Hawkins, Charlie Jones, Cheryl Fergison, Christine Ellerbeck, Christopher Ellison, Clara Salaman, Clare Moody, Cliff Parisi, Corey Smith, Cressida Whyte, Daisy Beaumont, Daniel Llewelyn-Williams, Dave Hill, David Baukham, David Schaal, David Spinx, Derek Martin, Diane Inman, Diane Parish, Edward MacLiam, Elaine Tan, Elizabeth Rider, Emma Barton, Eva Alexander, Gemma Bissix, Gillian Wright, Glen Cooper, Goran Kostic, Guy Morris, Gyuri Sarossy, Hazel Holder, Heather Cave, Helen Coombe, Himesh Patel, Ian Burfield, Ian Morris, Irina Diva, Jade Sharif, Jake Wood, James Alexandrou, James Doherty, James Forde, James Hillier, James Hoogland, Jamie Borthwick, Jamie Treacher, Jan Uddin, Jane Slaughter, Jem Wall, Jennifer Taylor, Jillianne Foot, Jo Joyner, Joe Swash, John Bardon, John Partridge, Jonah Russell, Judy Cornwell, June Brown, Justin Marosa, Kara Tointon, Karen Ascoe, Kay Bridgeman, Kellie Shirley, Kerryann White, Kika Mirylees, Kyte, Lacey Turner, Laila Morse, Larry Dann, Laurie Brett, Leena Dhingra, Leonard Fenton, Liam Noble, Linda Henry, Lisa Ellis, Lisa Turner, Lorna Fitzgerald, Louis Decosta Johnson, Louise Fullerton, Lucy Robinson, Madeline Duggan, Maisie Smith, Mandana Jones, Maria Thomas, Matt Di Angelo, Matthew Ashforde, Matthew Bearne, Maz Nieviarovski, Melanie Cameron, Melissa Suffield, Mia McKenna-Bruce, Michael Keating, Miles Anderson, Mohammed George, Morgan Crowley, Naomi Ryan, Natalie Cassidy, Natalie Dakin, Natasha Gordon, Nicholas Ball, Nick Sampson, Nicola Cowper, Nina Wadia, Nitin Ganatra, Olga Fedori, Olivia Grant, Pam St. Clement, Patsy Palmer, Paul Maddaford, Penelope Beaumont, Perry Fenwick, Peter Forbes, Petra Letang, Phil Daniels, Philip Bosworth, Phillipa Peak, Pooky Quesnel, Rachel Coombe, Ray Brooks, Rebecca Sarker, Ricky Groves, Rita Simons, Robert Kazinsky, Rory Jennings, Rudolph Walker, Ryan Philpott, Samantha Janus, Sarah Briggs, Sarah Coomes, Scott Maslen, Shona McGarty, Sian Webber, Sid Owen, Simon Lowe, Simon Meacock, Siobhan Hayes, Sophie Lawrence, Sophie Thompson, Stephanie Street, Stephen Bent, Stephen K. Amos, Stephen Lord, Steve Chaplin, Steve Hansell, Steve McFadden, Stuart Laing, Sylvia Syms, Tania Rodrigues, Tanya Franks, Tex Jacks, Thomas Law, Tiana Benjamin, Tim Faraday, Tim Hudson, Trish Cooke, Ulric Browne, Will Mellor, Yasmin Wilde, Zahra Ahmadi.

The Reaper – TV Show

ReaperThe Reaper is a new show to come to E4 recently and despite a bit of a slow start, it seems to have taken off really well! It stars Bret Harrison as Sam, who has spent his life wondering why his parents let him have such an easy ride in life.

He seems to be able to get away with doing pretty much whatever he likes and is generally happy to take the easy way out of any situation.

Sam eventually drops out of school and winds up in a boring deadbeat job and wastes his time drooling over his beautiful work colleague Andi Prendergast (Played by Missy Peregrym) along with his best friend Bert “Sock” Wysocki (Tyler Labine) they think they have the perfect life as a pair of slackers.

Things soon take a dramatic turn of fate however, when on his 21st birthday Sam learns a shocking secret about his past that will change his life forever.

It is revealed that Sam’s parents sold his sold to the devil (Played by Ray Wise) and now his oh so easy life is about to get a whole lot more complicated when the devil comes a knockin’ and tells Sam that he must obey his wishes from now on, and become a bounty hunter, finding and trapping the souls who have escaped from hell.

Sam reluctantly accepts his fate, and takes his first mission along with the help of his best friend ‘Sock’ and his ex girlfriend Josie. The gang soon begin to realize the importance of what they are doing and armed with a different ‘Vessel’ each week to suck up the souls of evil (these range from a dirt devil to a toaster throughout various episodes!) Sam finally begins to embrace life as ‘The Reaper’.

I must admit, I wasn’t too sure about this show when it first started; I had visions of it being cheesy and over the top. Whilst it is both of those things at times, it still manages to be genuinely funny and often very dramatic! The fact that each week Sam must use a different Vessel to trap his victim’s souls is fantastic; when he gets the dirt devil vacuum cleaner on the first episode you realize that this has potential to be truly genius TV!

As the episodes have progressed this has turned out to be an innovative and exciting series that looks set to become a cult classic. Initially booked for a 13 episode run, I’m hoping to see more series being made in the future and looking forward to finding out what lies ahead for Sam and his friends!

A great mix of comedy and drama that’s definitely worth checking out! Catch it weekdays on E4.

Full cast list for The Reaper: Allison Hossack, Andrew Airlie, Bret Harrison, Christine Willes, Colby Johannson, Donavon Stinson, Jake D. Smith, Jessica Stroup, Jill Teed, Ken Marino, Kyle Switzer, Marci T. House, Michael Ian Black, Missy Peregrym, Ray Wise, Rick Gonzalez, Scott Patey, Tyler Labine, Valarie Rae Miller.

Dexter comes to ITV

Michael C Hall as Dexter MorganThe hit American TV show Dexter has finally made its way to ITV and be warned, its highly addictive viewing!

Michael C Hall (remember him as the uptight undertaker from 6 feet under?) plays Dexter, a top police department forensics expert who specialises in tracing blood trails and everything related.

Having solved some of the top cases it comes as quite a surprise to us as viewers when we learn that in his spare time Dexter has an unhealthy obsession with murder.

Unlike your typical serial killer Dexter only kills people he feels deserves to die, murderers, criminals and the scum of the city are his targets and he takes great pleasure in tracking them down.

As a troubled child Dexter was adopted, his adoptive father (and police officer) soon figured out his homicidal tendencies and encouraged him to channel them towards more constructive methods, suggesting that if he MUST kill and cannot fight the urge, then to target those who have slipped through the cracks of justice.

It’s definitely hard not to like Dexter, and the morals of this show are challenging to figure out! We find ourselves rooting for Dexter as he chooses the lowest of the low as his victims and by doing so he almost becomes a hero.

However Dexter himself lacks some of the normal human emotions that you and I would feel, he struggles with intimacy issues in particular, and except for his closeness to his sister the only other relationship he has is with his ‘Girlfriend’ Rita, the victim of a brutal rape who also has her own issues where intimacy is concerned, making them appear as almost the perfect match for each other.

Of course, Rita knows nothing of Dexter’s dark secret and uses him as almost a cover to make herself feel more normal. Fans of the TV series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ or ‘Angel’ will recognise Rita as Julie Benz who played the vampire Darla. Like Michael C Hall she also has somewhat of a cult following in the entertainment industry making this a hard show not to want to watch!

I love the fact that you never quite know where you stand with Dexter, is he good or bad? Are we supposed to like him quite as much as we do? So many questions are posed and yet the storylines flow seamlessly and are gripping from start to finish.

If you like psychological drama series then Dexter is definitely one you should be checking out, with a great cast, superb plotlines and some decent special effects it’s not to be missed!

Full cast list for the TV series Dexter: Adam Lieberman, Angela Alvarado, Anna Maganini, Brad William Henke, Brandon Killham, C.S. Lee, Christian Camargo, Christina Robinson, Daniel Goldman, Dave Baez, David Zayas, Del Hunter-White, Demetrius Grosse, Devon Graye, Dominic Janes, Eli Goodman, Erik King, Francisco Viana, Geoffrey Pierson, Haley King, Jaime Murray, James Remar, Jennifer Carpenter, Jillian Bruno, JoBeth Williams, Jonathan Banks, Judith Scott, Julie Benz, Kathrin Lautner, Keith Carradine, Kiko Ellsworth, Laura Marano, Lauren Vélez, Lizette Carrion, Margo Martindale, Mark L. Young, Mark Pellegrino, Mary Alyce Kania, Matthew Willig, Maxwell Huckabee, Michael C. Hall, Minerva Garcy Monique Curnen, Nicholas Simmons, Preston Bailey, Romeo Brown, Roxanne Beckford, Rudolf Martin, Sam Witwer, Scott William Winters, Teddy Lane Jr., Tomiko Martinez, Valerie Dillman, Wing Armstrong.

Dancing on Ice 2008 – ITV 1

One of my favourite shows to watch on a Sunday night had to be ‘Dancing on Ice’ it gets better and better every year with the quality of skating improving each time.

Presented by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield and featuring some great performances and choreography from top Ice Skating professionals Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean it was one of the most watched shows at the weekends.

The final celebrities left in the competition this time around were:

  • Hollyoaks star Chris Fountain (he was my favourite to win)
  • retired tennis player Greg Rusedski (who is wonderfully clumsy on the ice)
  • pop star Gareth Gates
  • singer Suzanne Shaw
  • Coronation Street star Zaraah Abrahams who was a newcomer to the competition after Michael Underwood broke his ankle.

As I watched each week, I became quite fond of all the contestants left in the competition, they all put everything they had into their performances and even Greg who is hilarious on the ice still manages to push his performance to the max every week. The judges were often brutally honest and in my opinion gave quite low scores this year for fantastic performances, Suzanne Shaw’s routine one week sparked fury between several of the judges and rightly so after Suzanne was given stupidly low marks for an amazing performance.

The judge panel itself is made up of the following people:

  • Robin Cousins – One of Britain’s best individual skater’s.
  • Nicky Slater – Competed as a pro ice skater with resident judge Karen Barber.
  • Karen Barber – Resident Coach and appeared as Nicky Slater’s partner in the Olympics.
  • Jason Gardiner – Choreographer, actor and dancer Jason is the judge with the razor sharp tongue who we all love to hate.
  • Ruthie Henshall – Olivier award winner who has starred in many west end musicals.

It was great to see Torvill and Dean once again performing some stunning routines together and equally interesting to watch as they take the skaters under their wing and put them through their paces during the week in preparation for the live show.

Full cast list for Dancing on Ice 2008: Aggie MacKenzie, Andrei Lipanov, Chris Fountain, Daniel Whiston, Frankie Poultney, Fred Palascak, Fred Palascak, Gareth Gates, Greg Rusedski, Jason Gardiner, Karen Barber, Kristina Lenko, Linda Lusardi, Maria Filippov, Matt Evers, Melanie Lambert, Michael Underwood, Natalie Pinkham, Nicky Slater, Pavel Aubrecht, Robin Cousins, Ruthie Henshall, Samantha Mumba, Sarah Greene, Sergey Malyshev, Steve Backley, Susie Lipanova, Suzanne Shaw, Tim Vincent, Victoria Borzenkova, Zaraah Abrahams.

Echo Beach and Moving Wallpaper on ITV

Every now and again a concept for a show comes along that has the potential to be truly amazing. When I first heard about a new show being planned on ITV I must confess to being really excited about it.

You have all probably seen the show by now, its called Echo Beach, a soap opera set in Cornwall. Although this doesn?t sound like anything new at first glance, when you hear about the show that airs before hand called Moving Wallpaper it all starts to seem much more clever.

You see, Moving Wallpaper is the fictional show following the (fictional) production stages of Echo Beach. Lead by director Jonathan Pope (played absolutely brilliantly by Ben Miller) it shows the fake “behind the scenes” info that we don’t usually get to see. The whole “Show within a show” concept really appealed to me so I made a commitment to watch the first couple of episodes to see how it actually worked.

I was very pleasantly surprised with how good “Moving Wallpaper” was. The cast were brilliant and Ben Miller gets funnier with each episode. Its also great fun to spot the “in jokes” which later go on to appear in Echo Beach itself airing straight after it.

Echo Beach has a generally good cast, Jason Donovan (Daniel) and Martine McCutcheon (Susan) seem quite natural in their roles and Hugo Spears does a brilliant job of playing the rich, controlling character Mark Penwarden, Susan’s husband. Some of the younger cast do let the show down a little bit with their acting skills but I hold on to hope that this will all be ironed out in time as they gradually become a bit more natural on screen.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with how the show has turned out and although I’m currently enjoying Moving Wallpaper much more than the main Soap Echo Beach right now I’d love to see Echo Beach take off as a soup opera in its own rights. With a few more dramatic storylines and good plot twists I think it could have the definite potential to do just that!

Full cast list for Echo Beach and Moving Wallpaper: Ben Miller, Chandeep Uppal, Christian Cooke, Dave Lamb, Ed Speleers, Elizabeth Berrington, Gwyneth Powell, Hannah Lederer-Alton, Hugo Speer, James Lance, Jason Donovan, Johnny Briggs, Jonathan Readwin, Laura Greenwood, Louise Rose, Lucy Liemann, Marcus Patric, Mark Frost, Martine McCutcheon, Naomi Ryan, Patrick Adolphe, Perdita Avery, Raquel Cassidy, Sarah Hadland, Sinead Keenan, Steven Kynman, Susie Amy.

Skins Series 2 on E4

Mitch Hewer and Bill BaileyI recently watched the whole of series one of Skins on Channel 4′s 4OD (4 on demand) online service. It’s actually pretty cool, you can sign up for the service and then stream the episodes of series one of Skins live on your media player or download them to watch later. Some of the programs on there you have to pay for but Skins was free to watch so having completely caught up I was eagerly awaiting series 2 which has just recently kicked off.

People who use myspace may have already seen the first episode in four parts over there, but I was determined to wait and watch it in all its glory on E4. I’m pleased to say that it has most definitely been worth the wait!

Last series ended with Tony seriously injured after his accident, we pick up a little while later in series 2 and Tony is now out of hospital but has very little control over his own body and is a far cry from the character we saw last year! He needs help with pretty much everything and feels demoralised and belittled having to rely on his friends for help constantly.

Michelle and Sid are avoiding him, which is hardly surprising the way things were left last series and Sid is pining for Cassie who is away in Scotland with her family, I’m not sure if this is permanent or not but I hope she makes a comeback as she was a huge part of the show. Her overuse of the word Wow which seemed annoying at first is surprisingly sorely missed this time around.

Brilliant comedian Bill Bailey makes his first appearance in the show as Maxxie?s dad. He is perfectly cast in this role, and being from Bristol himself makes him appear right at home with the other characters. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of him as the series progresses.

We didn’t see much of the other characters for the rest of the show, but obviously the main focus had to be on Tony after the accident, I wonder how quickly the writers will have him recover, the show does seem a little strange without him leading the way forward, organizing the partying etc but it was good to see Maxxie get more screen time for once.

Overall I was really impressed with the first episode of Skins series 2 and if they can keep it up this series could be just as good, if not better than the first one!

Full cast list for Skins: April Pearson, Arabella Weir, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Bill Bailey, Daniel Kaluuya, Danielle Jadelyn, Danny Dyer, Dev Patel, Geoffrey Hughes, Georgina Moffat, Giles Thomas, Hannah Murray, Harry Enfield, Johann Benet, John Weldon, Joseph Dempsie, Kaya Scodelario, Larissa Wilson, Mike Bailey, Mitch Hewer, Morwenna Banks, Nicholas Hoult, Peter Capaldi, Robert Wilfort, Siwan Morris, Stephen Walters, Tom Payne.