In Bruges

Brendan GleesonA pair of hitmen, Ken (Brendan Gleeson) and Ray (Colin Farrell) have been sent to Bruges by their boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes). We learn that they are waiting for instructions following their last job which involved Ray shooting a priest, and accidentally killing a boy who is standing behind the priest when the last shots are fired. Wracked with guilt, Ray can’t live with what he has done. Bruges does little to distract him, until he meets Jimmy (Jordan Prentice) and Chloe (Clémence Poésy), the girl he hopes to woo.

It’s all funny and enjoyable. I suppose it’s realistic that a professional hitman would be quite good in a fight – Ray hits a Canadian and his wife in a restaurant when they complain about Chloe blowing cigarette smoke in their faces.

The plot is suitably interesting – nothing too epic, but enough to engage you. For me the most painful moment in terms of storytelling is when Ray manages to not be ripped off by Chloe’s boyfriend who wields a gun containing blanks. Ray then finds the real bullets for the gun and takes it away with him – we later learn because he intends to shoot himself because of the guilt he feels from killing the boy. The thing is, it’s such an artificial moment in the plot that it’s hard to ignore, and I found myself temporarily unable to suspend disbelief.

In terms of acting I think Brendan Gleeson is the most believable character. He seems the most real – when he says things you’re not focusing on the actor – the character he is playing is really there. Maybe it’s something to do with the eyes – great film actors have a world of depth behind their eyes, they can say so much with great economy.

Of course Ralph Fiennes is fantastic, but I really feel he’s an actor waiting for his next epic role – someone who could so easily pick up an Oscar at some stage, but alas not for this film. I think it’s just a matter of time.

I was left with a mixture of emotions after watching this film. I rented it, but it’s a film I would be happy to own on DVD – I would watch it again, but probably not too frequently (by contrast, I can watch Ronin and Layer Cake every three to six months no problem). It’s a good example of the idea that you can generally make a film from a short story – you don’t usually need a complex novel as your starting point because there’s not enough time to convey all the twists and turns. I felt that it was generally quite real and believable – such as when Ray has to accept the reason he manages to pick up Chloe is not that he’s a great lover, but that she plans to rip him off.

Full cast list: Susan Ateh, Olivier Bonjour, Ann Elsley, Sachi Kimura, Ran Yaniv, Michael Bennett, Robbie Kay, Bonnie Witney, Theo Stevenson, Jean-Marc Favorin, Clemence Poesy, Ciaran Hinds, Emily Thorling, Thekla Reuten, Jérémie Renier, Angel Witney, Anna Madeley, Stephanie Carey, Zeljko Ivanek, Jordan Prentice, Ralph Fiennes, Eric Godon, Rudy Blomme, Louis Nummy, Elizabeth Berrington, Mark Donovan, Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Jamie Edgell and Inez Stinton.

Matrix Reloaded DVD review

Randall Duk Kim and Carrie-Anne MossThis undeniably is an almost impossible follow-up to the pure brilliance of The Matrix and its running along the corridor scene, and while I was waiting to see it for the first time I nervously waited to see if Reloaded met the heady heights of the original. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s as good as The Matrix.

What it does have is so many great moments that it match any film ever for coolness! We have in the cast Keanu reeves as Neo, Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus, Carrie Anne-Moss as Trinity, Gloria Foster as the Oracle and the brilliant Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith – still I think the best actor in the film.

It starts with a meeting in the Matrix where a group of captains with their crew are discussing a huge threat of 250,000 sentinels that will reach Zion in 72 hours. Shortly afterwards Neo meets Agent Smith with two other agents that he promptly beats up, and Smith says some strange things about Neo setting him free.

Afterwards Morpheus’ group return to Zion where that afternoon there is a huge dance with brief scenes of semi-nudity and great music. The next morning Neo is invited to see the Oracle and gets some much needed answers, but with the traditional dollop of confusion thrown in. Afterwards Neo gets in a huge fight with Agent Smith who has copied himself a couple of hundred times.

The film is less talkie more killie than the last, involving a much needed car chase for about twenty minutes. The CGI is great but they just don’t attain their previous standards when they filmed Neo beating up the army of Smiths, however in every scene when they don’t have a CGI Neo it is as good as you might hope. The sets in my opinion were far better funded then those in the original Matrix film, with no more of the cardboard and polystyrene set nonsense (at least, that’s what it often looked like to me).

They have some brilliant punch lines in Matrix Reloaded, like “we are getting aggravated” and “Yes we are”. It was just funny for no proper reason at all. This all adds up to an absolutely brilliant film that just outperforms the first Matrix film in many ways

The general storyline is that the prophecy should be fulfilled soon, so the twenty five thousand sentinels should never make it to Zion, but Neo hasn’t got a single idea what he needs to do to stop them. Also he is having a recurring dream about Trinity, jumping out of a building firing two mini Uzis at an agent chasing her with a Desert Eagle pistol. In the dream she is then shot in the heart and she hits a car below. Is this really going to happen, and if so can Neo save her?

Full cast list for the Matrix reloaded: Adrian Rayment, Alima Ashton-Sheibu, Andrew Valli, Andy Arness, Anthony Wong, Anthony Zerbe, Attila Davidhazy, Austin Galuppo, Bernard White, Carrie-Anne Moss, Chris Mitchell, Christine Anu, Christopher Kirby, Clayton Watson, Collin Chou, Cornel West, Daniel Bernhardt, Daryl Heath, David Franklin, David Kilde, David No, David Roberts, Don Battee, Essie Davis, Frankie Stevens, Genevieve O’Reilly, Gina Torres, Gloria Foster, Harold Perrineau, Harry Lennix, Helmut Bakaitis, Hugo Weaving, Ian Bliss, Jada Pinkett Smith, John Walton, Josephine Byrnes, Joshua Mbakwe, Keanu Reeves, Kelly Butler, Kevin Scott, Lambert Wilson, Laurence Fishburne, Leigh Whannell, Liliana Bogatko, Malcolm Kennard, Marlene Cummins, Matt McColm, Michael Budd, Monica Bellucci, Montaño Rain, Nash Edgerton, Nathaniel Lees, Neil Rayment, Nicandro Thomas, Nick Scoggin, Nona Gaye, Noris Campos, Paul Cotter, Peter Lamb, Randall Duk Kim, Ray Anthony, Rene Naufahu, Robert Mammone, Robyn Nevin, Roy Jones Jr., Rupert Reid, Scott McLean, Shane C. Rodrigo, Socratis Otto, Steve Bastoni, Steve Morris, Steve Vella, Stoney Burke, Tahei Simpson, Terrell Dixon, Tony Lynch, Tory Mussett, Valerie Berry.

Resident Evil DVD rental

Resident Evil is my first Zombie/Horror/Action movie I’ve seen so I wasn’t sure what to expect. A secret underground base, a team of black-clad commandos, a smoking hot lady and a homicidal AI – it sounds like a recipe of success.

It starts off like a clone of a film about memory loss with a girl waking up naked in the shower and exploring what appears to be her house. However, this is soon shattered as a team of commandos dressed head to toe in black wearing gas masks and a ton of guns. They accept the girl as one of their own and take a unknown man prisoner.

It soon transpires the girl is part of a security team guarding a secret laboratory. However we soon find out that it seems to be deserted thanks to a homicidal AI name Red Queen, who proceeds to cut down a good portion of the commandos who are investigating the apparently empty laboratory complex in a very grisly trap.

But just as the commandos complete their mission it turns out that the now terminated homicidal AI was the lesser of two evils, as the dead laboratory employees have a virus that was released into the facility. The virus brings the dead back and gives them a hungry appetite.

From then it turns into a gun blazing fight for survival and search for the truth.

To be honest the story is predictable in certain areas, but once all the predictable plot turns are over it becomes very original with zombies bursting out of every hole in the facility and with barely enough bullets to commit suicide it becomes brutal martial arts-style fighting

The action sequences are very intense with matrix style moves and plenty of explosions and gunfire. The suspense though is what makes it brilliant since you know the hero lady is going to survive but nobody else is safe, and with lots of ventilation shafts and dark corridors, people can’t expect to survive for long. Although it is rated 15 some of the implied violence and sudden shocks are terrifying so I would not recommend this to the easily scared or squeamish.

To be honest the acting doesn’t really mater to me since most of the cast die before you get to know them and the rest don’t need to show much emotion, but in the rare moments when emotions matter it is believable.

On the whole I would give it an 8 out of 10 for DVD rental and a 7 out of 10 if you are thinking about buying it since it is amazing the first time but it would have less of an impact the next few times.

Full cast list for Resident Evil: Anna Bolt, Barry Best, Colin Salmon, Eric Mabius, Fiona Glascott, Heike Makatsch, Indra Ové, James Purefoy, Jamie Harding, Jason Isaacs, Jaymes Butler, Jeremy Bolt, Joseph May, Liz May Brice, Marc Logan-Black, Martin Crewes, Michaela Dicker, Michelle Rodriguez, Milla Jovovich, Oscar Pearce, Pasquale Aleardi, Robert Tannion, Ryan McCluskey, Stephen Billington, Torsten Jerabek.

Hellboy II on DVD

Selma Blair as Liz ShermanTo be honest after seeing Hellboy I wasn’t so sure about seeing number 2 and it seemed my fears were well founded in the first five minutes when the background story is given in a shadow puppet style. However after the titles I was soon corrected, with a great piece of timing comedy that you will not see coming.

After that the story boils down to three different story lines – bad person wants power and needs completed artefact (and tries to complete it while good guys try to stop him), love-story lines, and a “dealing with the brand new boss” story line.

To be honest after seeing Hellboy I wasn’t so sure about seeing number 2 and it seemed my fears were well founded in the first five minutes when the background story is given in a shadow puppet style. However after the titles I was soon corrected, with a great piece of timing comedy that you will not see coming.

After that the story boils down to three different story lines – bad person wants power and needs completed artefact (and tries to complete it while good guys try to stop him), love-story lines, and a “dealing with the brand new boss” story line.

To be honest after seeing Hellboy I wasn’t so sure about seeing number 2 and it seemed my fears were well founded in the first five minutes when the background story is given in a shadow puppet style. However after the titles I was soon corrected, with a great piece of timing comedy that you will not see coming.

After that the story boils down to three different story lines – bad person wants power and needs completed artefact (and tries to complete it while good guys try to stop him), love-story lines, and a “dealing with the brand new boss” story line.

The Matrix – on DVD!

I’ve watched the matrix about half a dozen times and every time I thought “Wow that is just the coolest thing ever!” seeing a guy in a black trench coat running along a wall with two Uzis and a woman in a black shirt running along another wall ready to kick a man in the face in slow-mo, and a tone of cool scenes like that.

Carrie Anne MossKeanu reeves as Neo, Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus, Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity, Joe Pantoliano as Cipher, and my favourite character Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith. It’s the first of the three films and could not have gone better.

It starts with Neo being told by his computer to follow a “white rabbit” which leads him briefly to trinity. The next day he goes to work where he is chased by some agents and he is eventually caught. With the agents he enters a world of horror and his mouth seals itself shut and a small robot climbs into his belly button – he then wakes up back to normal, or so he thinks.

He then is phoned and meets Morpheus’ team under a bridge in a car where they suck the robot out of his bellybutton. Afterwards they drive to a large tattered building where he meets Morpheus who offers to let him know the truth about the matrix and be freed, he then has to face that he has to save the planet from the robot’s rule.

This film is full of action and strange ideas. The CGI was futuristic for its time, the sets I have to say sometimes looked like cardboard and polystyrene but overall they were good, they chose perfect music for the situations including Rage Against The Machine for the credits!

Some of the acting wasn’t the best, like the point when Trinity is kicking ass with a shotgun she seems like it’s too heavy for her to hold. However the quick punch lines like “dodge this” will last forever in media history.

The story itself is based around the Matrix which is a computer simulation made by robots with AI that is our world, they grow humans plugging them into the Matrix and use their bio-electricity to power themselves. This means that the world isn’t real and they can bend the system’s rules such as gravity, Letting them fly, jump further and run on walls!

The full cast is: Keanu reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, Joe Pantoliano, Julian Arahanga, Anthony Ray Parker, Marcus Chong, Matt Doran, Gloria Foster, Belinda McClory, Paul Goddard, Robert Taylor.

Die Hard 4.0 DVD Review

Bruce WillisI recently watched Die Hard 4 on DVD starring Bruce Willis, Justin Long and Kevin Smith. The first 3 Die Hard films have become classic action films so although I knew that it had a lot to live up to I was still really excited to watch, especially when I heard that Kevin Smith (Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob) was co starring in a role as “Warlock” an expert computer hacker.

The film starts off with plenty of action right from the beginning. Hacker Matt Farrell (Justin Long) finds himself in a bit of bother after unwittingly helping a group of deadly criminals hack into government files.

As he is about to be chased down and killed, tough cop John McClane bursts onto the scene and saves the day, but the two of them soon come to realise that this was just the beginning of what looks set to be the day from hell for the whole country!

As usual, this is another Die Hard film that is action packed from start to finish; the stunts are fantastic and the special effects top notch as ever! Despite the fact that some of the scenes were extremely far fetched I don’t think that detracts from the film at all, in fact I think that’s what die hard movies are all about and that?s what keeps them fun and entertaining. Bruce Willis is getting on a bit now but still manages to keep up the pace as usual and his tough guy attitude and punchy one liners make a welcome return!

The plotline itself revolves mostly around computers and technology this time, and deals with the issue of hackers bringing down our most needed services including electricity and gas etc. It shows just how much we have come to rely on computers and just how big a part they play in our everyday life. Add in some amazing action sequences and Bruce Willis shooting a helicopter out of the sky using a fire hydrant in the middle of the street and I think you definitely have a winning formula!

Full cast list for Die Hard 4.0: Allen Maldonado, Andrew Friedman, Bruce Willis, Chris Ellis, Chris Palermo, Christina Chang, Cliff Curtis, Cyril Raffaelli, David Walrod, Dennis Depew, Diana Gettinger, Edoardo Costa, Edward James Gage, Ethan Flower, Gerald Downey, Howard Tyrone Ferguson, Jake McDorman, Jim Cantafio, Joe Gerety, John Lacy, John Reha, Jonathan Sadowski, Justin Long, Kevin Smith, Kurt David Anderson, Maggie Q, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Matt O’Leary, Melissa Knowles, Nadine Ellis, Nick Jaine, Regina McKee Redwing, Rick Cramer, Rosemary Knower, Sung Kang, Tim De Zarn, Tim Russ, Timothy Olyphant, Tony Colitti, Vito Pietanza, Yancey Arias, Yorgo Constantine, Zeljko Ivanek anza, Yancey Arias, Yorgo Constantine, Zeljko Ivanek.

Transformers on DVD

I would like to say this is a review of Transformers in Blu-Ray format but unfortunately, in their wisdom, the producers of the new Transformers movie seem to have decided that Playstation 3 owners are unlikely to be in their target demographic, so they will have to content themselves with DVD to watch this film.

TransformersTransformers was without doubt the most highly anticipated movie of the year and is literally just out on the shelves on DVD. Starring Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel to name but a few and directed by Michael Bay (Pearl Harbour/Armageddon) it looks all set to become one of the most watched films of all time.

I saw Transformers for myself at the cinema, after having played with the toys and hearing all the hype surrounding the movie I was excited to see what the film had to offer. Let me just tell you; whether you’re male, female young or old I think you’re going to love this movie and most definitely won’t be disappointed. Without meaning to sound completely cliche it really does have something for everyone, and it makes the transition to DVD very well because you get to really examine the fantastic special effects in great detail.

Shia LaBeouf plays Sam Witwicky who after buying a second hand car from the local used car yard begins to notice that things aren’t exactly normal with it. Various humorous scenes play out, and soon it is revealed that the car is actually a Transformer ‘Bumblebee’ to be precise. I don’t want to ruin the whole movie for those who haven’t yet seen it so I won’t go into too much detail about the rest of the film but soon, one by one the Transformers begin to appear on earth and the ultimate battle between good and evil begins to take place.

You can see a fantastic online behind the scenes interview here.

One of the best things about this movie has to be Shia LaBeouf. He is a seriously talented up and coming young actor and after a strong performance in ‘Disturbia’ (Which I also loved) he has gone and done it again, nailing the part of Sam and playing it with such fantastic ease and use of comic timing that it would rival even the biggest and best of the industry’s top actors. Megan Fox is going to be the topic of much conversation with the guys who watch this movie I’m sure! She is gorgeous, although I do think that acting wise she came off as a little weak next to Shia.

Optimus Prime and Megatron are visually stunning and the complexity of the CGI that has been used through out the whole film is just mind blowing. During the fight scenes you will struggle to keep up as they are so fast paced but I guarantee you won’t want to take your eyes off the screen for fear of missing even a second of this masterpiece.

There are, as with all movies some basic flaws and things that make you think “I wish they had done that differently” for example I have noticed a lot of people mentioning that they didn’t like the fact that Optimus Prime didn’t appear in the form of the exact same truck and that Megatron wasn’t a Handgun like he originally was but all in all the general feeling about the movie seems to be that it’s well worth watching.

Get yourself the DVD and watch Transformers in all its glory at the next possible opportunity and prepare to lose yourself in 144mins of pure action and adrenaline!

Complete cast list for the film Transformers: Adam Ratajczak, Amaury Nolasco, Andrew Altonji, Andrew Caldwell, Andy Domingues, Andy Milder, Anthony Anderson, Ashkan Kashanchi, Benjamin Hoffman, Bernie Mac, Bob Stephenson, Brian Prescott, Brian Reece, Brian Shehan, Brian Stepanek, C.J. Thomason, Carlos Moreno Jr., Charles Adler, Charlie Bodin, Chip Hormess, Chris Ellis, Colin Fickes, Colleen Porch, Craig Barnett, Darius McCrary, Esther Scott, Frederic Doss, Glenn Morshower, Hugo Weaving, J.P. Manoux, Jamie McBride, Jamison Yang, Jason White, Jeremy Jojola, Jess Harnell, Jessica Kartalija, Jimmie Wood, John Robinson, John Turturro, Johnny Sanchez, Jon Voight, Josh Duhamel, Joshua Feinman, Julie White, Kevin Dunn, Laurel Garner, Luis Echagarruga, Madison Mason, Mark Ryan, Mason the Mastiff, Maya Klayn, Megan Fox, Michael Adams, Michael McNabb, Michael O’Neill, Michael Shamus Wiles, Michael Trisler, Michelle Pierce, Mike Fisher, Odette Yustman, Pat Mulderrig, Pete Gardner, Peter Cullen, Peter Jacobson, Rachael Taylor, Ravi Patel, Ray Toth, Reno Wilson, Rick Gomez, Rizwan Manji, Robert Foxworth, Ron Henry, Ronnie Sperling, Samantha Smith, Scott Peat, Sean Hampton, Sean Smith, Shia LaBeouf, Sophie Bobal, Steven Ford, Tom Lenk, Travis Van Winkle, Tyrese Gibson, Wiley M. Pickett, William Morgan Sheppard, Zack Ward.

CSI:NY Season 3 on DVD

CSI : New York is the second successful spin off show in the CSI Series. It first aired in May 2004 and is currently in its fourth season and still going strong, with fans loving its much grittier and bloodier take on the original CSI franchise.

CSI NYGary Sinese stars as the main character in CSI NY. He plays Detective Mac Taylor a guy who is still deeply troubled by the death of his wife in the 9/11 attacks. His character had a relationship with the beautiful Claire Forlani’s character Dr. Peyton Driscoll who in recent series decided to stay in London rather than return to New York and continue their relationship.

Just a few more of the regular characters include:

  • Melina Kanakaredes is Det. Stella Bonasera a determined and strong woman who is always looking to find answers to her cases, especially those with violent crimes attached, this may be due to issues in her past. Along with Mac she helps lead the team.
  • Carmine Giovinazzo stars as Danny Messer an investigator hired personally by Mac. He has a strong sense of loyalty and often uses his own troubled family history to help with work ethics on the job.
  • Eddie Cahill plays Det. Don Flack, he has a strong family history in the law enforcement field and fans love him for his quick wit and slightly edgy personality.

Many more make up the CSI New York Team, and fans all have their own favourite characters for different reasons. One of the great things about CSI NY is the characters own histories and back stories, and the diversity of different actors that can be found on the show.

The show has been known to have crossover episodes with the other CSI series, which helps remind us that they are originated from the same place but also shows just how different each one is, and the strengths and weaknesses of both.

Series 1-3 of CSI New York are currently available on DVD and are well worth a watch if you are a fan of the CSI series in general.

Each of the seasons of CSI:NY are issued in two parts, and the most recent DVD issue in the UK includes Part 2 of Season 3. I find it best to buy full seasons if possible because you get a better deal that way.

Be warned though, once you start watching one of the spin-offs, you kind of find yourself hooked and will end up having to watch all of them! However, if you’re quick, there are several special offers in store at the moment with the Criminally Cheap offer!

Full cast list for CSI:NY: A.J. Buckley, Al Santos, Alanna Ubach, Anna Belknap, Bess Wohl, Carmen Argenziano, Carmine Giovinazzo, Chad Lindberg, Chad Williams, Chris Meyer, Claire Forlani, David Caruso, David Julian Hirsh, Denice J. Sealy, Ed Quinn, Eddie Cahill, Edward Furlong, Elizabeth Ann Bennett, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Gary Sinise, Gina St. John, Greg D’Agostino, Hill Harper, J. Grant Albrecht, Jaclyn Kerhulas, James R. McMann, Jason Thornton, Jinny Lee Story, Joe Morton, John Dove, Jonah Lotan, Joseph Lawrence, Kanin J. Howell, Kelly Hu, Kerr Smith, Kevin Derr, Kyle Gallner, Melina Kanakaredes, Michael DeLuise, Michael King, Michael McLafferty, Mykelti Williamson, Natalina Maggio, Nick Damici, Olga Karavaeva, Paul Carafotes, Raphael Sbarge, Robert Joy, Ron Yuan, Scott Alan Smith, Scott Richards, Sonya Walger, Terry Kinney, Vanessa Ferlito.

That Mitchell and Webb Look – Series 1 on DVD

David MitchellSketch shows are such a weird and wonderful creature. Sometimes I find myself wondering why there aren’t more on British TV because they are such a strong part of our heritage, but really they are so very hit and miss. While I’m watching some sketch shows the overwhelming thought in the back of my mind is “can these people keep going for a whole series”, which I’m sure is the same thought that is in the back of the mind of the people who commission this sort of programming.

The reason that sketch shows keep everyone coming back for more though, is when you get to experience true originality of thought, and the jokes enter your daily life, and that Mitchell and Webb Look is just such a show, a real classic.

And I’m so happy that I got the first series on DVD because not only did I get to experience the full on fun that you get watching a couple of episodes back to back, and I can refer back to my favourite sketches later, the supporting extra material on this DVD makes it all worthwhile. If it weren’t for the DVD extras I would probably just watch it once and then stick it on the shelf.

I’m sure everyone has their personal favourites, but mine are the Germans who start to realise that they might be the baddies. It really is such a strong idea, and the genius of David Mitchell and Robert Webb is that they can encapsulate it within a perfectly formed sketch that simply delivers the goods.

By contrast last night I watched Man Stroke Woman and while I really wanted it to be as good and as well crafted as That Mitchell and Webb Look, unfortunately it just wasn’t. Some of the jokes were good, even excellent, but the way they play out the whole sketches so often left me feeling uncomfortable, and they mixed good material with stuff that just didn’t quite make the grade.

Other characters in That Mitchell and Webb Look who play a regular part include Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit, who are excellent, but unlikely to make it to the next series because their joke is somewhat one dimensional. The thing David Walliams and Matt Lucas always do with their sketches in Little Britain is to have more than one dimension to each of their regular characters, and I think it’s this distinction that makes That Mitchell and Webb Look feel just that bit less epic in scope than Little Britain, but no less worthy for that fact because it’s more accessible as a result. I think expendable characters like Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit might turn out to be a strong point because Mitchell and Webb will need to come up with completely fresh material for their next series.

Robert WebbNumberwang is a quiz show that reminds me of Reeves and Mortimer. It’s just so way out there in the world of weirdness that it has taken on a life of its own, and gives a clue as to where That Mitchell and Webb Look is positioned in the world of sketch shows. It is one of my favourites on the show, but as the series progresses you get the idea that it is on some sort of path of self destruction, as if they want it to reach a conclusion so they can move on.

So the big question that I expect is on your mind right now (and that you hope I’m going to answer) is whether you should rush out and buy Series 1 of That Mitchell & Webb Look on DVD or put it on your Christmas list?

And my answer is mixed. If you can only get it at the recommended retail price of £19.99 then it would be hard to argue, but since just about everyone on planet earth sells it for less than this, the decision is much easier. It’s currently £12.48 on Amazon, and I’m sure Tescos are competitive with this, and at this sort of price I give it a definite thumbs up go out and buy this disc now!

Full cast list for That Mitchell and Webb Look: Abigail Burdess, David Mitchell, Gus Brown, James Bachman, Mark Evans, Olivia Colman, Paterson Joseph, Robert Webb.

The Simpsons Movie on DVD at last!

The Simpsons Movie made its long awaited debut in the town of Springfield Vermont after 20th Century Fox held a huge competition to choose which town by the name “Springfield” should get the premier. The excitement about the feature version of this popular TV show built up for ages and finally the wait was over. But is it any good, and is it worth buying on DVD when it comes out on 10th December 2007? Read on to find out more.

Homer SimpsonThe usual Simpsons gang all make an appearance in the film, along with some great celebrity guest cameos including Green Day in the first main scene.

The basic premise of the whole storyline is that Springfield is trying to clean up its environment after Lisa stages a petition to stop pollution in the town’s lake. Homer soon decides however, to take it upon himself a tank labelled “Pig Crap” filled with, well erm pig crap obviously, from his new pet pig into the lake to dispose of it, causing the government to take drastic action against the town encasing them in a huge glass dome.

The townspeople try to hunt down Homer as he is the one responsible for their punishment but The Simpson family manage to escape the dome and run off to Alaska where Homer thinks they can finally be the perfect family.

However, news soon reaches them that their ex friends and neighbours are in trouble and it’s suddenly up to Homer to try and right his wrongs and ultimately save the day.

There are gags aplenty in The Simpsons Movie, and with the exception of a few scenes that were a little dragged out it was great fun to watch. All the kids in the cinema starting singing along when the “Spider Pig” scene came on (you must have all seen that trailer by now I’m sure.) and both children and parents seemed to be enjoying it just as much as each other! One thing that did surprise me was that the whole cinema actually stood up and applauded when the movie ended, maybe it’s just me but I’ve never seen that happen before here in the UK! I was a little taken aback but in a good way.

The good thing is that I think this fun will translate well to the DVD format when you watch this film at home, particularly for the kids who will enjoy repeated watching of the funny scenes.

In my opinion this movie would have been even better had it been released a few years ago when The Simpsons was really truly in its prime, I’m honestly not sure what’s taken them so long to bring this film out but I’m definitely glad that they finally did!

All in all, this is another great movie that has now made its way to DVD and is perfect for kids during long Christmas weekends while still being fun for adults, what more could you ask?!

Full cast list for the Simpsons Movie: Albert Brooks, Billie Joe Armstrong, Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer, Joe Mantegna, Julie Kavner, Karl Wiedergott, Maggie Roswell, Marcia Wallace, Mike Dirnt, Nancy Cartwright, Pamela Hayden, Russi Taylor, Tom Hanks, Tre Cool, Tress MacNeille, Yeardley Smith.